Beach Park | Rebranding South America biggest water park
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Beach Park | Rebranding South America biggest water park
Beach Park is South America’s biggest water park. Founded in the 1980’s, near Fortaleza town, in the Brazilian state of Ceará, the tiny little park by the beach quickly became something much bigger. New water slides and new pools were added every year. The park’s size and fame began to grow until it became a tourist attraction. Brazilians from every major city, including wealthy São Paulo, started flying to Fortaleza to spend family vacations at the water park. The increasing number of visitors led to the construction of several tourist infrastructures, such as resorts, bars and restaurants.

Soon, Beach Park was no longer just a water park. It had the potential to become a tourist destination.
To develop a new brand identity that could reposition Beach Park as a full service tourist destination.
We created a whole new brand identity for the water park (still Beach Park’s pride and joy) and a new brand architecture for all the group’s resorts and services. 

An exhaustive brand audit was conducted by Brandia Central to determine what the brand’s future should be.

The recommendation was clear: Beach Park should start seeing itself as a tourist destination and not just as a water park attraction surrounded by resorts.

But where should we start this brand communication spin? 

The brand audit provided us with a piece of curious information. Beach Park was located near Aquiraz, which in the local native Indian language means “the water comes first”. If the water came first, we told ourselves, then the water was the most important feature in the park. This gave us our creative insight: at Beach Park even the water has fun. 

Other water parks worry about the customers. At Beach Park we also want the water to be happy. If the water is happy, our customers will feel the same.

This was our kickstart. The brand would show the water having fun, starting with the logotype. 

The new logo is inspired by the water slides, the tropical colors and the sense of pure fun it enhances. 

The typeface is inspired by the way we write in the sand. 

This basic brand structure was then used as the visual DNA for all the other brands within the brand architecture: the 4 different resorts, the restaurant, the vacation club, the water park’s shop and the card member; also the Beach Park TV, Beach Park Radio and Beach Park Blog. 

This is an ongoing project which is far from over.
The rebranding was launched in September 2013. We do not have available data yet, but we have had lots of spontaneous emotional feedback online.